Upcoming Programs in 2024

For a listing of state of Ohio webinars, please visit agnr.osu.edu/programming.  
Various Topics include:  Agronomic Crops; Livestock and Dairy; Fruit and Vegetables and Specialty Crops; Farmers Markets and Direct Markets; Agricultural Safety; Farm Office; Digital Office, New and Small Farms; Natural Resources; Urban Agricultural; Pesticide and Fertlizer Application; Nutrient Management and Water Quality; Commericial Green Industry/Home Yard and Garden.





Ohio Crop Performance Trials

The purpose of the Ohio Crop Performance Trials is to evaluate varieties, brands and blends for yield and other characteristics. The results are published to provide a source of objective information from various locations in Ohio on the relative performance of seed currently available to Ohio farmers on several crops: Alfalfa and other forages, Corn, Silage, Soybeans and Wheat.


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