Updates to Quality Assurance Program 2020

Updated as of 5/5/2020

YQCA - Youth For The Quality Care Of Animals Online Certification - Click HERE for the link with instructions on how to Create, Navigate, Purchase, and Completing the Course. This certification is good for 1 year.

Crawford County Quality Assurance Options for 2020



National YQCA Online Module Option

Zoom Session Option


The national curriculum provides 3 modules and 3 quizzes that must be passed to receive certification


$12.00 fee per youth

Free: Live zoom session that requires active participation: similar to the face-to-face QA program.

Limit 50 participants per session.


(You MUST have camera capabilities for this option)

How long will QA last?

Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours

Approx. 1.5 hours


All 4-H/ FFA Youth 8-18 yrs old

All 4-H/ FFA Youth 8-18 yrs old

How to access:

Registration at yqca.org


Instructions on how to: https://crawford.osu.edu/program- areas/4-h-youth-development/4-h- animal-projects/quality-assurance

Fill out survey to select your desired zoom time: https://go.osu.edu/qa2020


You will then receive additional instructions to access zoom session.

When can I complete QA?

Anytime between now and July 6, 2020

Crawford County dates are listed below.

***You are welcome to attend a different county QA program by July 6, if they are allowing out of county members to attend.

If you absolutely can not complete any of these options, contact Allison at cooper.2360@osu.edu or 419-562-8731

Crawford County Zoom Meeting Dates: Sign up at least 1 week before

Youth are suggested to attend a meeting with their club members so they can have valuable discussion and experience less anxiety. If youth can’t attend specific club dates, they CAN sign up for another date.

North Auburn Hustlers, Buckeye Stars, Chatfield Blue Ribbons, Tiro Tailors and Balers, Young Riders, 24 Carrots, Buckeye FFA

Thursday, May 28 @ 7p               OR                  Sunday, May 31 @ 2p

Lykens Champions, Lykens Country Crew, Mt. Zion Buckeyes, Heartland, CC Lucky Stars, Wynford FFA

Wednesday, June 3 @ 7p            OR                  Sunday, May 31 @ 4p

Barnyard Guys and Gals, Dairy Maids and Gents, North Robinson B.R, S.S Star Farmers, Liberty Leaders, Col. Crawford FFA

Thursday, June 4 @ 7p                 OR                  Sunday, June 7 @ 2p

Denim & Paws, Galion B.R Achievers, Bucyrus Kilbourne Klovers, Crawford Little Critters, Whetstone Go-Getters, Town & Country

Thursday, June 11 @ 7p               OR                  Sunday, June 7 @ 4p