CLICK HERE for the 2024 Junior Fair Rules

2024 Hatch Weeks

Week of February 18th- Pullets

Week of March 10th - Turkeys

Week of May 12th - Roasters

Week of June 2nd - Broilers

Also available: Ross County Ohio 4-H put together a great poultry resource and has graciously shared it with all of the other 4-H counties for a small fee. Our office will have copies of the resource book available for $6.00 a piece. We also will have 2 copies available for youth to check out of our lending library for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. As of this year, the book will only be printed in black and white however colored breed pictures are posted HERE.

Below is a link to a document for research-based information about poultry and other research-based websites. 

Poultry Resource Documnet-Click HERE

E-Extension Resource

or visit


If you have questions regarding any Junior Fair Poultry Rules, please contact one of the Junior Fair Poultry Committee Members.

The Fact Sheets below address:  Space Needed; Comfort Zone; Water Requirements; Feed Considerations; Market Considerations; and Budgeting for Broilers and Turkeys 4-H Projects.  Click on the links below to view.

Fact Sheet:  Should I take Broilers as a 4-H Project?

Fact Sheet:  Should I take Turkeys as a 4-H Project?