Club Fundraising

Club Fund Raising Guidelines

1.   Many clubs collect dues from their members at meetings.  Members should clearly understand that this money is for local club use only.  The $12.00 county program fee provides 4-H Support.

2.   Encourage members to sell animals or products coming from their own project work.

3.   Never use the 4-H name or emblem in connection with sales of a commercial product unless state/county approved. Commercial or consignment sales of candy, cookies, feed, seed, fertilizer or other products in competition with regular trade channels are not approved. 

4.   LOTTERIES OR GAMES OF CHANCE are no longer permitted.  Instead, plan 4-H fund raising so the public or customer will receive full value.  Remember, there are state and local laws and regulations prohibiting or regulating lotteries, raffles, and games of chance. Refer to Ohio REvisd Code# 2915.

5.   Use accepted fund raising procedures for specific worthy projects, such as camp scholarships for your members, and inform the general public how funds will be used and controlled. Keep in mind that money is never to go directly to members.

6.   TRY TO AVOID DOOR-TO-DOOR CANVASSING OR "TAG DAYS" FOR DONATIONS.  Give people something for their money or sell them on the merits of direct help with the educational program.

7.   Insist that any fund raising project should come about only as a result of interest and appreciation for 4-H work, its precepts, ideals and goals.

8    REMEMBER THE BASIC PURPOSE OF 4-H IS EDUCATION.  Do not let sideline fundraising  "busy work" get in the way of the fundamental programs of learning and doing.

9.   KEEP FUND RAISING TO A MINIMUM.  One or two special drives per year should be the maximum.  Keep these campaigns short to avoid having to pay sales tax.

10. Never let fund raising lower the status or prestige of 4-H.  Wholesome educational purpose for funds and WISE use of them are the most important guiding principles.

11. Clubs are responsible for purchasing a vendor’s license, keeping records, and paying Ohio sales tax on taxable items.

12. Keep in mind that if your club needs to stay within Sales Tax Guidelines when selling products.  You are responsible to handle/pay sales tax with the State of Ohio when selling items. See handout given out in club mail boxes(2014)  You are only tax sales exempt for purchasing items on behalf of your


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